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We have a range of different types of solutions to suit what you require from upgrading your audio visual systems.

Television technology is continually being improved and becoming more advanced and interactive. GB Connect will work with you to find the ideal solution to suit your requirements and budgets. We can engage from initial planning and decisions making, supply equipment, and the complete installation.

Within our TV installation services, our wall mounting service is one of the most popular choices. Wall mounting your TV is a great way to keep your room looking neat and tidy and to get the best viewing experience. We start with a complete survey of your room and walls to ensure suitability. We will then mount the TV in the exact location you desire by securing the bracket and screen on the wall. If you have any equipment that needs connecting, such as DVD player or a Sky Box, we will make that connection too. We can supply trunking and/or conceal any cables to keep everything looking neat and tidy.

For any home theatre system, having quality surround sound is imperative. Installations of surround sound systems generally have three possible configurations:

  1. Surround sound with subwoofer and two speakers
  2. Surround sound with subwoofer and five speakers located two front, two rear, and one centre
  3. Surround sound with subwoofer and seven speakers, located two front, two side, two rear, and one centre.

Our surround sound installation will ensure that you get the best sound experience possible from your system.

Cinema can be a wonderful visual experience to add to your home. With a GB Connect home theatre installation, you can tailor it to your specifications. Home cinemas can be installed in an area as little as 200 square feet. Enjoy a premium viewing system with a private cinema in your home.

HD Anywhere enables the connection of multiple devices to one discreet hub. With HD Anywhere, you can watch all of your entertainment devices including Sky Q, Sky HD, Virgin, and Apple TV in every room without moving the individual device. GB Connect’s multi-room HDTV can expand your entertainment services beyond the living room for enjoyment throughout your home.

GB Connect is passionate about sound. Our expertise and experience within audio spans over many years. Our team have knowledge and indeed skills to offer the best solution for your audio requirements.

We use and recommend leading brands including Sonos, Monitor Audio, and Bose. Our installation solutions will take all aspects of your audio experience into consideration including personal taste, room dynamics, and acoustics.

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